At Magpies we are committed to offering only the best quality antique and estate jewellery to you through this website. We don’t just sell jewelry, but provide an opportunity for you to own a unique and beautiful item that will not only be a statement piece in itself, but also an heirloom piece of the future.

We aV544are experienced, licensed Antique & Estate Jewelers which means that in most cases our stock has been loved by someone before.  But we apply a careful formula to selecting what we buy and then sell.

Our three point formula means that each item must meet these criteria:

  1. Quality
  2. Uniqueness
  3. Beauty

DSC01732 All our pieces are thoroughly checked by our Jewelry Service and Repair Team to ensure they are well constructed, the gems are well clasped and S679then a final double check that the valuation description is totally correct.
Most of our jewelry is gem set. As a matter of course we generally have all these pieces valued by a licensed valuer. Where a valuation has been obtained it will be provided with the item at time of sale. If there is no valuation, then for a variety of reasons, we have decided not to get one done. In these cases a valuation will not be supplied.DSC01665 S429a
All items are guaranteed to be as described. Where practical we will describe any defects or wear as a result of age. But most importantly, you can be sure we’ll stand behind everything we sell with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you are not completely happy with your purchase, you may return it and we will give you a 100% credit against any other item on our website. Of course this in no way negates your regular consumer rights in relation to items incorrectly described.S650



zEstate Jewellery Sale

We have a stunning and ever changing range of Antique and Estate Jewelry including costume, art deco, Edwardian, Victorian, and mid-20th century items.  Only our most interesting or exclusive items are featured here on our website, so if you are seeking anything in particular then please let us know if it’s not here.  With literally thousands of items we are unable to feature everything on our online store.

All items for sale have been checked, cleaned, and any residual energy associated with each piece has also been cleared.  (We know sometimes this means a lot to new owners of antique jewellery).

Value and Valuation of Items

Each piece over $1000 has been valued by a licensed jewellery valuer and a certified valuation for insurance purposes, will be sent with your purchase. Those items under this level are priced according to our estimates of value based on our experience and expertise.  We have been able to confirm using high quality testing methods (the same equipment used by Customs Australia) whether a stone is a genuine diamond, quartz, CZ and also the difference between gemstones vs glass or crystal.   We feel our prices more than reflect a market value and most often are sold well below that.  Please feel free to contact us and ask if there is an item for sale which you would like to know more about.


In July 2016 we switched to using EBAY for all jewellery sales and many of our antiques and special pieces are found on our EBAY store.  Some of our more unusual and special pieces are  also listed on our Antiques and Special Items page. Click on the logo for Unique Jewelry & Antiques below to visit our online store.



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