Antiques in Australia

Are you a fan of shows like the Antiques Roadshow?  Antiques in Australia are often not as old as those seen in Europe and the UK, but there’s a tonne of great collectable items available and we specialise in knowing what’s hot, what’s not, and how to find the most interesting of pieces for the discerning collectors. You will love what we have to offer in terms of knowledge, products, and histories of our antiques, collectables, and estate jewelry.

Richard Macdonald

Richard Macdonald

Trading in Queensland since 1999, Magpies is a regular feature at antique fairs and in malls throughout the region.  We specialise in high-end jewelry items, and special collectibles.   Started by Richard Macdonald, aka ‘The Walking Encyclopedia’ who has developed a strong base on knowledge about antiques, jewelry, gemstones, gold, silver, and timepieces through a lifetime of interest and many years trading.   He’s known for his fair pricing, generosity, and personally guarantees customers absolute satisfaction with all purchases.


Our Unique Seeking-Service:

If you are hunting for something special, unique or rare, register your details with us so we can help you find that special something – we’re often presented with items that never see the marketplace and can search-to-order.   Check out our Wanted to Buy section HEREarrow_right_blue

GOLD and Silver Buying Service:

If you have gold, silver, jewelry to sell, talk to Magpies Collectables.  Either by appointment or come along to one of our shows and we’ll give you a fair appraisal of your pieces.   We also have a special Appraisals Service for anyone wanting an idea of value of their old treasures.

Pricing Policy:

All of our high end (above $500 value) jewelry comes with a registered valuation.  The prices you see on this website are usually significantly below valuation , more on some items, less on others – that’s the nature of our business.   However, if you wish to purchase multiple items, please contact us to discuss options for volume discounts.

Just Like on the Antiques Roadshow – We’ll Take a Look…

We even wrote a book to help you workout what's trash vs treasure...

We even wrote a book to help you workout what’s trash vs treasure…

If you are a follower of shows such as the popular BBC Antiques Roadshow, you may also have items you wish to question someone about and find out more about their history and/or value.  Feel free to bring these to us for appraisal in store – or you can access more information about our more in-depth Appraisals Service HERE.  Richard Macdonald has spent many years learning about a range of specialist subjects relative to this industry, and with a photographic memory and outstanding ability for details, you will find him to be a fountain of knowledge.   If he doesn’t know personally about your interesting item, he can assist with identifying where you can access an appropriate appraisal expert.

Antique Fairs in Australia are not unlike the Antiques Roadshow – antique dealers like Magpies Collectables travel everywhere with knowledge and stock to buy and sell. We are always on the lookout for interesting items to buy as we travel to Antique Fairs throughout Queensland and therefore also have a range of very interesting stock for sale.  As one of the biggest dealers of Antiques in Australia, it is impossible to put all our stock out every time we attend an event, but are easily able to share information about stock we have if you are seeking a special something as a collector.

A Brief Example in Images of the Diversity of  Products for Sale in 2017

Sweetheart Medal

Sweetheart Medal

Silver inkwell - Victorian

Silver inkwell – Victorian

Premo B Camera

Premo B Camera

Coins and Stamps

Coins and Medals from everywhere…


Poison Ring – with cavity inside for hiding poison.

Antiques in Australia like this Japanese Vase - very old

Japanese Vase – very old

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