One of the things we’re often asked to do is to review the value of someone’s treasures.   Sometimes there’s a whole house-lot and sometimes just a few pieces.  Sometimes the intention is to sell the items being appraised and sometimes it’s more for future planning or insurance assessment values.

We love to help with appraisals

How it works is this – we come to you, that’s the easy part. But – we first need to know approximately what you have to appraise, and what your purpose is for the appraisal.  Why? Well it makes it easier to know things like advanced research requirements, having sufficient funding for purchasing what you’re hoping to sell, and what your expectations are of the items you have.  Sometimes we can resolve a quick question over the phone, especially concerning coins, stamps or medals, and sometimes it’s actually more practical and convenient for you and us to have you come to us.

We now have three service levels for appraisals

1)  A few items (average 10-50) you are mostly intending to sell:  No Charge

2) A few items (average 20-100) you wish to be appraised for insurance purposes and require a document to support potential future claims.  Some additional research may be required on our part. You will be given an appraisal document on our letterhead, specifying the items of value.  Priced from $150 for the visit, including travel time within 50 kms of either Brisbane or Gold Coast, and one hour of our time.  This may be enough for a handful of items requiring write up and no additional research.

$80 per hour after this initial fee.

3) A full house-lot of items which will require a full assessment taking a half day or more:

This is available for anyone in Australia, and New Zealand, with a house-full of antiques, and collectables that require sorting and assessing for auction, E-bay, direct sales, or yard sale potential.  This is a common request when someone has inherited a family home filled with 30+ years worth of old things, loved and cared for over several generations.  Sorting, cataloging, and writing assessments for these takes time, and and research in most instances beyond what we may know on sight in all cases.

This service starts at $1000, plus $500 per day, plus Travel. 3DCOVER

If you wish to take advantage of any of our appraisal services, please contact Richard at 04 11 413 393 in the first instance to discuss your specific requirements. 

You might also find our book helpful to make a start on researching the value of your old treasures. Details are HERE for Kindle download or purchase a printed copy via Amazon after 1st May.


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