20th Century Collectable Jewellery

This is the final in the blog series about the ages of jewellery and this week we’re focusing on 20th Century Collectable Jewellery, including Art Deco and Retro styles, both of which have maintained popularity well into the 21st Century … Continue reading →

Periods of Estate Jewellery – Victorian-Era Jewellery

We are generalists, in jewellery periods, but highly specialised into Estate & Antique Jewellery. What you will find on the Magpies website covers all the periods described below. We have extensive stock collected over 30 years of dealing and personal … Continue reading →

Real Gold vs Rolled Gold

We’re often asked questions about the difference between real gold vs rolled gold, or plated gold and silver.  How do you tell the difference?  Why do people want to even bother with rolled gold?  Is plated gold the same as … Continue reading →