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Have you ever seen the movie – Death at a Funeral – where the Doctor is constantly being asked by one of the cousins at the funeral about his sore finger.   It’s a play on a common joke about what happens when a doctor is out socially and ‘someone always wants to know about x, y, or z’.

It’s a bit like that for us sometimes – not that we are likely to inspire movie script writers with such things.   But if you’ve ever watched Antiques Roadshow, or Bargain Hunt, or Pawn Stars, you’ll know there’s a bit of a fascination for most people about what something old might be worth.   We love it when someone wants to know this about something because for us it’s like finding buried treasure among some collections.    An old silver spoon might end up having a hallmark indicating it’s from several hundred years ago…  maybe it’s Russian… maybe it’s from an unknown but highly skilled artisan in a certain era.   There’s many high points in a day for us when we are asked to “take a look at this old thing”.

It’s Not All Just Junk – The Book

But to make it easier for everyone we meet we decided to put some of our general knowledge and Frequently Asked Questions into a book that enables people to learn how to identify things like hallmarks, or to do some preliminary research on something before bringing it to a trader or antique dealer.

It's Not All Just Junk - The Book

It’s Not All Just Junk also features an entire section on how to prepare , price up items for, and then market a garage or yard sale so that you can actually make money from your efforts.  Did you know that most of your sales will be done before 9am?  Or that some items really should be considered as E-Bay options  or auction house items right from the start?   Which ones?  Is that real or fake jewellery?  How do I get rid of antique furniture?  Is that vintage clothing even worth selling?

If you’re having to clear out Grandad’s old shed or Num’s house, and you have no idea what some of the buried treasure might be worth, or if it’s all really just junk after all, then grab a copy of this book either on Kindle, or printed version via Amazon.

It’s Not All JUST JUNK is a short guide to how you can maximise yard or garage sale profits.   CLICK HERE for details. 

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