Initially the roots of this hobby – at a public level – was the opportunity to gather stamps of interest from the British Empire and the world as a whole. Collectors enjoy the beauty of each stamp, the history of it and often the country itself. Many of the countries are of course gone now and the stamp is just an echo from some small part of that country’s history.

Stamp prices have fluctuated over the years. A significant downturn happened towards the end of the 20th century, but we now seem to be enjoying a rebirth of interest with prices steadily rising and the investment value of the rarer sets, and individual stamps returning to an acceptable level.

We are constant buyers of Stamps, First day covers, CTO and other valuable postal issues. What you will find on this site are stamps bought directly from collectors, identified as worth the time and effort to put up on this site, and so offered to you.

Stamp collectors are invited to talk to us any time about what you are seeking, or selling, and we’re available to discuss your collections at any time.

Coins & Banknotes

One of the best performing collector fields in history. This hobby was slowed down by the global recession, but is again excelling itself in terms of investment returns on quality banknotes and coins. As usual, the by word here is quality. All collector areas have been hit, but as a general rule it’s the lowest value items in terms of collectables, the higher prices items that are rarer have continued to perform well and are still keenly sought by collectors.

Here you will find scarce, hard to get, higher grade and uncommon banknotes and coins. We will keep the offerings to a minimum, but focus on those qualities. You can be sure our pricing will be keen and our grading generous.

Australian pre-decimal (pre-1966) silver and copper coins and Round 1966 50 cent coins

  • 1910 to 1945 silver coins = 10x face value – So a single florin = $2      One shilling = $1       etc for 6p and 3p
  • 1946 to 1964 silver coins = 5x face value –   So a single florin = $1      One shilling = 50c      etc for 6p and 3p
  • Round 50’s (1966) we pay $3.00 each
  • Gold Sovereigns buying from a minimum $180 upwards
  • Half sovereigns from a minimum of $90 upwards
  • You may wish to check your pennies for the two very collectible years which are 1930 and 1937. The halfpenny year is 1916 with the full word Emperor around the head.

If you have individual coins of value or collections we will buy these on a one by one basis


Australian  £1,  £5,  £10  &  £50  Pound notes and 10/- shilling notes, Postal notes and cheques

We are seeking pre-decimal Australian notes, all denominations, but especially £10, £50 & £100 pound and higher value and older notes than 1954. We pay excellent prices.

We will consider any old sterling paper currency. We are constantly selling out of all pound notes, but especially £10 and £50 pound notes.

We are interested in old bank cheques, from the early 1900s and the 1800s.  Again, condition is not the primary factor.

Foreign coins and banknotes are a particular passion of mine and we are always seeking and paying top dollar for literally anything, either coins or banknotes.

Coin Collectors are welcome to contact us any time to discuss what you are seeking or selling.

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