1. How do I know I’m getting a genuine piece of jewellery?

If the item is worth upwards of $500 our  jewellery is valued by an authenticated reputable accredited jewellery valuer  and you’ll be able to see each valuation online as well as receive this with your purchase.  All our items have been checked for wear and tear, faults and general durability. Remember all our pieces of jewellery have had an earlier life, and wear and tear are therefore common.  However as a general rule we strive to only sell jewellery that we are confident can stand the test of time.

  1. Is it possible to have a look at any of Magpies jewellery?

Yes! You can contact Magpies to arrange an appointment to look at any of the items you have seen displayed on our website. Appointments can be arranged in any city in Australia or New Zealand.  Contact us to Explore these options.

  1. What if I am not happy or don’t like the piece of jewellery when I see it, or if she/he doesn’t like it?

If this happens, and you wish to return the item promptly, we’ll honor our money back guarantee, quickly so long as it’s returned in the same condition, and within 7 days.

Then, as soon as the piece is received, your money will be refunded within two days. This is therefore no longer than a two week process. (Conditions Apply) 

  1. Is it safe to buy online?

Yes! You can use either credit card facilities through PayPal, or a direct bank transfer. Please contact us if you wish to use EFT to make a purchase. We can process your Credit Card if it is a Mastercard or Visa. Our online method of payment uses encrypted software and a secure gateway for payment via Paypal. It is a safe, guaranteed, secure and proven way to buy online. It is also very easy!

  1. Do you have a jeweller to resize the ring if it doesn’t fit and how will that work?

We work with professional jewellers who can expertly resize almost all of our rings – some rare exceptions apply based on design.  It is a matter of either posting the item back to resize or taking it into our jewellers in Gold Coast.  If you prefer to have your own jeweller or a jeweller more conveniently located for your resize. There’s less to-ing and fro-ing that way, but cost is minimal and we can discuss it. We realise most people don’t know their own ring size, but do recommend finding out by visiting any jeweller and asking for their help with this sometime.

  1. Do you have Lay-by facilities?

Yes! We can layby for up to 10 weeks, with a 30% deposit. You can make this deposit through Paypal, or EFT – please contact us for Layby set up.

 7.Any other questions we haven’t thought of?

Contact us to discuss any other concerns or questions you may have.


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