One of Richard’s great interests is in military souvenirs. He grew up with parents who had been through WWII – his mother was bombed out of three houses in Bristol and London. War, good and bad was a constant subject at the dinner table and one that continues to fascinate Richard.

This site is a mirror of Richard’s passion for all things military. Here you will find, Badges, Medals, Guns, Pistols (both Replica and Real and sold strictly lawfully), sextants, compasses, ephemera, swords, daggers and virtually anything else you can think of in relation to military and wars.

You will find here a wonderful array of items from as many military theatres  that we have been able to secure through years of trading. Richard is well known for having an eagle eye for things that are unusual and the unique.  Many have rich stories and where these are known they will be supplied with the item on this site. Many military souvenirs are sold as bought, without research or a story, but some industry on your behalf, could turn up a story, and add value to many of these items.

Most significant items of Military history, such as swords, guns, medals, badges, equipment,  have serial numbers that can relatively easily be researched.

A Cautionery Note From Richard: 

“You will find items here from all regimes, including Nazis, Soviets, Imperialists British, and Japanese. Yes we know to one group or another they are “a pack of barstards who killed god only knows how many people”. I’m Scottish of Jacobite descent. As a group the British targeted and slaughtered, us in the thousands. As a MacDonald, one of Scotland’s most infamous acts of villainy and massacre was perpetrated against my actual family… The point is simply that all these people, from which ever side they are written about by historians,  are all just history now.  We at Magpies, are not here to debate the rights or wrongs of any of the militaria we sell.   If we sell a swastika, this does not mean we are pro-Nazi, or anti-Semitic, its just history.  We aren’t seeking to make any statement, and we will therefore not enter into any ridiculous conversations re the right and wrong of selling collectable items to historians or collecting enthusiasts.  We will continue to sell, what we are permitted to sell, lawfully.

So with that that covered, I hope you enjoy our offerings. I personally find them all fascinating.  I love researching items, but I am sure you can appreciate from the scope of this site, and if you are one of the many who know our business, that this isn’t possible with 90% of items.  So, my loss is your gain. Have fun….!!!”

Richard Macdonald

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