Magpies Unique Jewellery accepts Visa, Mastercard, and American Express through the website using secure online method of Paypal, either as a one off transaction or as a continuing Paypal account holder. Both methods are equally secure and guaranteed risk free. If you prefer we can also utilise a direct bank transfer, or EFT.

We offer a Lay-by facility. With a 40% deposit we will hold your piece for up to 10 weeks. The Money Back Guarantee applies to goods bought on Lay-by.

The Money Back Guarantee is for a week, or seven days post receipt of goods. If you would like a longer time frame for this guarantee, this is easily arranged, please contact us.

Magpies offers its loyal customers a lifetime loyalty discount of 10% of all jewels for all subsequent purchases made.  If you are signed up to our database for updates and newsletters, we’ll give you an automatic 10% credit on all purchases made on items over $1000.00. To go towards subsequent purchases.   This is by way of a card system – Please ask for details.

Authenticity and Appraisal

At Magpies, we are truly interested in communicating the authenticity, age and vintage of all our jewellery. This is why most of our jewellery comes with an independent valuation from a registered jewellery valuer. If pertinent to the piece, the age and most likely place of origin of each item will be clearly identified in the item description on its page, along with any other interesting facts about the piece and its origins.  We are happy to send a scanned version of the independent appraisal/certificate and to discuss any questions or queries.

All items we send for Valuation are sent to a member of the Australian Jewellery Valuate Association, which is the preeminent  jewellery valuing body in Australia. Any valuation from them brings guarantees and records options.

The size, colour and clarity of our diamonds and gemstones will be stated in this certificate. Keep in mind that the opinion of valuers within this field can vary as most of our pieces are genuine vintage ‘one off’ items. The stones are graded and valued within the setting which can make a more approximate value. If however, a customer has an item valued themselves after receiving it, and then wishes to return the piece, there is a no quibbles, money back guarantee within a week (7 days) of receiving your purchase.

Loyalty Rewards

Magpies offers all repeat customers a lifetime loyalty of 10% credit towards any subsequent purchases made! This discount includes layby or items on sale. Please contact us for the way to purchase your jewellery and obtain this bonus credit.


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